*Middle finger limb

Hey aaa! Is it possible for someone help me out with getting female middle finger? Colour copper 02
Then a male middle finger copper 03

Hi can I try to help you?

Yeh of course!

Ok so what color u want?

A females middle finger Cooper 02, then a male middle finger copper 03 please? And any other limbs for those specific skin colour and race please thank you. Also, how do you do get the limbs or make them??

Ok I come back :slight_smile:

Okay thank you. How do you make the limb overlays??

Is this ok for the female?

Yes! Thank you, where do you get the limbs from?

I create it
Is this one ok?

Do u need something else?

That’s it thank you! Or could you do the middle fingers with the arm going down like this one:

Can u just credit me pls with my forum name :slight_smile:

Yeh course


Please credit me. I made that :two_hearts:

Omg really?? Sure thing! How do you make them?

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I used IbisPaint X. Could you make sure not to share it anymore since a lot of people have been using it without crediting me. :revolving_hearts:

Of course! I may not use it either because I’m not sure if I need to use that limb overlay with the skin colour. Where do you get the arm from?

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I went on the episode app and screenshotted the poses I needed to make the limb. I haven’t made on like this in a while since the ones I make now are more clean.

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