Might take a break from forums


Um. I kinda don’t feel like I belong here anymore… Love you guys. It’s hard for me to even sneak in here because of my parents and when I do, I kinda… Like have nothing to do on here and I feel like there’s just no point in me being here anymore. Sorry.


I’m always being labeled…


I just met you and you seem so cool! I’ll miss u so much if u leave…:confounded:


Awwwwww Amani I’m sorry about life really hon, and I hope you can take care and really like find something to really help you through with your parents, but we love you and will wait until you come back.


You seem really cool too. But I have no place on forums. It’s just not my place anymore. Ya know?


Mmm. My parents really aren’t the problem.


I get it. I’ve seen so many people leaving lately, and it’s so sad.


Mmmmm well anything just going on in life I hope you’re good.


:sob: If you do, know that I and many others will miss you. You are a great, compassionate friend who anyone can always talk to. You are an extremely talented at whatever you do, and I’ll be sad to see you do. :cry: You are always everyone’s friend, you give everyone second chances, and you are basically what anyone could ever ask for in a person. :sob: But always do what’s better for you as a person. I really do hope you find something that’s worth staying for though. :heart:


Aw. Love you, crazy. But I really don’t have a place on the forums anymore. I can’t chat on threads because I just… Can’t. So I have no place.


You guys can find me on insta @artist56218. Bye for now.


I love you too. But here’s what I say: Do whatever is best for you. If leaving the forums is what’s best for you, so be it. But know that everyone on the forums who knows you will be affected. :heart:




You where one of the first people I ever met or interacted with on the forums, and it was an amazing decision to keep talking to you, you are amazing, funny, kind, unique, a fantastic artist, and many more things!

I completely understand your point of view, the forums seem a little dead recently.

If you feel like you don’t belong YOU DO!!! You belong just as much as anyone one else on the forums!! We are all a huge family! And every member has a role in the family and belongs!!!

I understand why you would choose to leave the forums, and if you will continue to do so, I will support you through it :grin:.

If this is your last time on the forums, It was amazing getting to know you (and hopefully be your friend)! :grin:


You’ll still be in discord right?


We spoken like once, but you know, there’s no time like the present. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you’re just taking a break, I hope you have a good break. However, if you do plan on staying, I’m sure you’ll find where you belong on the forums. :slightly_smiling_face:

But, if you plan on leaving I wish you the best, you seem nice and I hope life treats you well. :grin::slight_smile:


@Sydney_H please close



Awwww Amani if you do I’ll miss you girl! You’re a great person! :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Well if you need time to yourself, I respect that. Don’t go too hard on yourself, okay? I understand what you’re saying but you do belong here. But if you really feel that way, We can’t stop you. And we should all respect how you feel.


I. Don’t know if I’m gonna leave or not. I’m still thinking