Millennia High School ~ RP ~ Sign-ups and discussion


Welcome to Millennia High School.

A school that’s been here for millions of years hiding secrets.

And also, the most popular school for gossip in Crodentia!

Crodentia, located in the center of the Earth, is the city where all celebrities live. The Phoenix space station is also on Crodentia, which is the only space station dedicated to escaping the solar system one day.

All students of Millennia High School are practicing for Phoenix Space Station.

For now, have fun and gossip, create drama, and live the dream!

Current Year: 3547


You must give me your Name, your Age, your Biography, your Personality and your role.

Students Studying To Be Astronauts:

Students studying to be Pilots:

Students Studying to be Ship/computer Engineers:

Students studying to be scientists:

Students studying to be the boss:

Students studying to be a biologist:

Thank you!


@epi.alyssaa @HermanEpisode

Please @ anyone who is into RP!


I’ll do students signing up to be the boss.


Is there an actual planned plot? And is there a sign up form?


There is a plot…and no there isn’t a sign up form.


Okay, please say your name, your personality, your age, and your biography.


Hey, we are happy to have you want to start RPing here.
However, there are certain rules we follow in this forum. Your RP doesn’t quite follow the criteria. You need to add a more detailed description for people to know more about the story and what you’d like to see happen in the RP. Also, before posting, we also try to ask/recommend that people use the ideas thread to see how many people actually want this RP to happen. This also helps to generate a group to tag to participate.
A sign-up and Faceclaims are recommended so that people can see what type of characters and information you are asking for. Try checking out a few other RPs to see how they do it.

If you want to RP, then all you need to know is here!
Please read it, so that everyone follows the same guide.