Mimi And Val's Art Shop! (Drawn/edited) (Free/open) ⚡


Hey There!
And welcome to Mimi And Val’s Art Shop!!


  • don’t do thread hopping! It means requesting the same thing at multiple art shops. It’s really disrespectful!
  • don’t rush us! It takes time to make good art. So we’ll take our time. If you rush us we’ll have to cancel your request!
  • don’t be rude! We want you to use your manners and don’t be rude to anyone or disrespect anyone!
  • make sure to credit us! Or you’ll be reported! Stealing is really disrespectful
  • make sure to fill the form correctly! We want you to request properly the first time. Or else we will decline your request!
  • we have the right to decline your request! If you break any of the rules above, or if we find your request to complex, we have the right to decline your request!
  • must use the password! And blur it out. the password is [spoiler]M&V :blob_hearts: spoiler]
  • don’t spam please request in one message, and if you have any doubts, pm us.
  • copy and paste the form and then Fill it we will decline your request if you use your own form
  • if you don’t reply to us under 24 hours your request will be declined we can’t keep waiting for you to reply. So if you don’t reply under 24 hours we’ll have to decline your request.
  • If we find you steal,trace or copy our art/edit. We will find you!


@mimiepi’s Examples! @Vi_epii’s Examples! Vi_epii Drawn art



Splash Pfp/Edit Cover/Art scene Character card mood board

Make sure to tag which artist you want to do your request


  • You can credit @mimiepi by her forums username or her IG @mimi_epy.

  • You can credit @Vi_epii by her forums username or by her IG @val_epii


@Vi_epii can take 5 request at a time 2 drawn and 3 edited



@mimiepi can take 3 requests at a time!

Thank you and Happy Requesting!


I will be opening one with examples
Please delete your text @Ostry1212


Hey. Do u have some examples of the drawn covers

I do but im not taking any requests atm since i’m working on my story. sorry

It’s all good.

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