Mimi’s Background Shop🌻

I’ve been doing backgrounds for a few years now so I decided why not open a shop!
I can edit backgrounds of your own or make custom backgrounds as complex as they come just let me know what you need and I got it!
I do not put my watermark on my work as they are public and free for anyone to use. Thank you!

Some Examples of Customs and Edits



can you create a police interrogation background?


sure! if you have further details about this background you’d like incorported in it lmk over pm if not i’ll start just lmk


hey! these are great!
keep doing these , you’re great in bg’s !
I would love to request a bg from you.
Here’s my request - A Boxing Ring background!

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sure! i’ll pm the request when finished. give me about an hour. thank you💕


This is really awesome! Bookmarking :upside_down_face:

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Hey can u take my bg request


Outer view of a library having a name “INNOVA” . Please can u make a day/night version of it. Tge outer view of library must be in a beige or cream colour (my story aesthetic)

Thank youu!

pming it to you now!

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sure check your pm!

Can u make me a bedroom which will be of a girl and she is introvert ?

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definitely but check ur pm!

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Ok dear :blush:

Can u make me lots of bgs? of a house? :upside_down_face:
sorry if it’s too much to ask…

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sure! i’m going to pm you so we can talk details.

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okays thanks!!

Can u get me a background of hallway??

Hello? Are you still open?

Hi Mimi, and I’m using one of your backgrounds for a story I’m writing, and I’m just wondering how I should write out the credit.

Hey these are awesome, are you still open? I wanted to request some bgs. Do you make like training arenas (dark and light version) things like that?