MindScape- Sign-Up Thread


In a world a bit more advanced than our own, everyone has complete control of their dreams. You can do anything you want, for example, give yourself powers and a dream house with an army. Dreamscaping (What dreaming is called) is almost like a peaceful second life. There are also shared dreams, where you can “explore” with some of your friends, and you will remember it.

The one law of dreaming that is over all of Humanity and agreed upon is there is to be no warfare while Dreamscaping. Your story starts when someone decides to break that rule.

Nightmarium, the substance that is known to cause nightmares, which is usually only effective in the Dream world, has been mastered/controlled by Billionaire Billard Vondart. He used his money to hide in a secret location, presumably deep underground, and do into an artificial induced coma, so he stays in the dream realm. While in reality, he is being heavily gaurded, protected when he’s awake or sleep
When he uses nightmarium, it affects the victims mentally and physically, far more dangerous than its natural form.

You have been called upon for your imagination to help stop Vondart. There are 3 dividing factions.

One wants to use the Dream world to advance as a society.

The next wants to defeat Vondart and stay the same.

The last is undecided.

Join the War Against Billard Vondart and his Nightmarium Army

  • Sign-Ups are Here

  • The Faceclaim Powerpoint will be available after at least one person fills out the forms

…More is to be added…

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Is this an RP or SG?


It’s an SG. Mostly an RP.


Where’s the faceclaim powerpoint?


I have to set it up, but I only have one submission so far.


Ohh ok, so do i skip that part of my submission or just put a name?
(Im new to this)


This actually sounds a lot like a story I was going to do xd. I didn’t end up doing it tho


You can still put a link, or a mame is fine too. But if you put a name, I’ll choose the picture of them. So a link is just a guarantee that you’ll like the picture.


Just submitted! :yum:


Bumping if this is still happening!


A second bump!