Mindy’s Profile Picture Request Thread! (On Hold)


All requests will be finished up next week. I’m sorry for the delay.


For the outline text, what colour do you want? You said Good and I’m not sure what you mean…

Also what colour of text do you want? You specified saying sparkly but never said the colour…

Please read the form above carefully and provide all details listed.


Sorry for the outline text can it be gold and the sprarkly be silver? Is this okay? Did you still need a background? If so I found this one if you can try and get us on the pages still back to back? Or and book background


I’m getting caught up on all requests now. Once I’m finished everyone’s requests, the profile pictures will be posted.


Hey! Are you still making profile pictures?


At this moment, I’m not as I’m leaving for a trip soon.


Hey girl! How’s it going? Just asking if you’ve started on those requests? Totally okay if not, this was just supposed to be a present for my friend.


I’m sorry I’m on vacation and out of country at the moment… I’ll be back next week.


Hey again! Just checking on how your doing. Totally okay if your not on board yet.


I honestly came back from vacation with 0% motivation to be completely honest… I haven’t written or edited since coming back from vacation. I promise, once I get motivated, your request will get done.