Mini Game And Custom Overlay Help!

So I am trying to make a mini game where my characters have to search through a spy glass through the forest to find a monster creeping around, but the monster disappears and reappears. And the player has to click on the monster fast before it disappears again.




ps. Also I would like it to have its eyes shine when it appears so here is the overlay for that

Custom overlay: I need a custom overlay of my character holding the spyglass

Here is my Character:

And very importantly she needs to be wearing this outfit!!

And last thing the scene with the custom overlay Character



she is peak behind this rock to search out for the monster which leaves to the game!

And once you click on the monster it will take you back to the overlay character holding the spyglass scene. And my character will speak to her friend behind the rock and takes it to the next scene!

I would appreciate it so much!! If someone can help me to make this!!


Has this overlay got a transparent middle? If not I’ll need to make it transparent.

And what do you mean by you want its eye to shine?

Does the reader only have to tap on the monster once in order to win

Also if you have already named these overlays I could do with the names please as this will make coding so much easier

Yes it does have a transparent middle

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Yes they have to tap on the monster to win

I don’t know if you can pan the zones and make the monster reappear and disappear just to make it a challenge and to end the game is to tap on the monster which takes you back to the scene with my character holding a spyglass and the next dialog

And Will give you the names of backgrounds and overlays

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Yeah so what I’m thinking of doing is making the looking glass overlay a ui overlay meaning you can pan around the background without the overlay moving.

Okay so the images above of this topic are the names of the background and overlays

For the background scene with my character holding a spyglass pose overlay

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No worries have you got the name for the outfit or do you want me to just name it anything? I’ll continue for now and add that in later

I’ve made a start but had a call and need to go out, I’ll carry on where I left off tomorrow


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