Mini-Game Beta Testers?

Hi! I’m looking for a few people to test my mini game/ choose your outfit thing that I coded. Just need feedback on if the tapping works and if it gives you the right outfit, etc.

Here’s The Link:

This is just the first episode and the outfit game is at the end, so you can kinda see what the story is about a little bit :slight_smile:


So far so good! I had to tap a few times for the outfit I wanted to be chosen, but it worked!

Ok, I’ll try it now

okay, thank you!

Just checked it out, it’s amazing!

Hey, I just tried this out on a anyday Android, but the choices for the females aren’t working. She doesn’t progress. I thought it was a tappable. I taped the whole screen and repeatedly tapped the heads, but it didn’t work for me.

Okay, I’ll look into it! I’m not really sure what the solution would be but I’ll see :slight_smile: If anyone has any suggestions feel free to reply!

It works perfectly with me.

Works fine for me as well! Also, I’m super excited to read this once it’s ready and up!

I had to tap it a few times but it worked great!

also your story sounds good

Omg thank you so much! <3

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Haha thanks!

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It took me quite a few taps until I could pick an outfit, but otherwise it was amazing! So cool!

Omg I can never get the category right wtf I rly thought I had it this time. Fml.


It happens, no worries. :wink: Honestly we don’t exactly have a category for this kind of thing, so it’s easy to mess up. :grin:


Good luck coding till then! <3

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