Mini-Game Help Needed

Hi. I have a few ideas in mind rn.

  • There has been a flood/draught/cyclone/any natural disaster which has destroyed a major portion of the crops and there is food scarcity. Prices of food grains has increased and people are finding it hard to make ends meet while paying taxes.
    Solution: increase import from neighbouring regions/kingdoms through a diplomatic alliance so as to ensure that the price of food isn’t increased. Or use the Royal treasure (I can’t remember what it’s called, lol :joy:) to buy grains from others and support the citizens. Or any other solution you can think of.
  • A person has bought some jewellery from the goldsmith but he’s claiming that the goldsmith hasn’t used the right amount of gold he was ordered/paid for while the goldsmith claims that the person is lying.
    Solution: Make them investigate the jewelry somehow :thinking: . I have to do some research to give you a proper solution. :sweat_smile:
  • Thefts in the kingdom (or if it’s a large area then make it thefts in a particular locality or region).
    Solution: Increase guards on duty during night.

I’ll add more when I come up with more ideas. (:


I love this-
In return for saving my figurative life, would you like to be featured in my story or be credited?

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I have a dumb question.
What do you mean by featured? (I’m new to Episode)

Lol not a problem. Meaning like I can have your character in my story. Kind of like a film cameo?

You can credit me @Adrija on the Forums. (I don’t have insta) That will be enough. :blush:

Ok :smile:
But would you still be interested in being a character because I could have you in one of the situations(if you want to ofc)

Okay. I would love to!

Yayay :smiley:
Alright, please provide your INK char details and name(if you don’t mind I would like to do the outfit bc you’ll be playing as a citizen and i have a certain “look” in mind)

Name: Adrija (You can change it if you want, in order to match your story)
Skin: Olive
Brow: Smooth Arch
Hair: Long Feathered (black)
Eye: Slender Natural (hickory)
Face: Square
Nose: Refined
Lips: Classic (Ruby Red)

Tyy :smile_cat:
The name is pretty, but I might shorten it a little bc I already have like 3 ppl in one scene with A names.
Lol even my name starts with A.

Ok. No problem. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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