Mini Game help pls. I beg!

I’m on a mini-game search right now, a good one!

You see, my main character has been tricked by six butlers and is very angry at them right now. Well, the butlers have forced her to endure etiquette lessons, which she requests to be only on the weekends because she plans to sabotage the lessons. I would like the reader to feel like they are ruining everything for the butlers.

the lessons look like this so far.
#Itsuki teaches art/flower arrangement,
#Yuma teaches cooking,
#Joao teaches culture/dance,
#Tomoki teaches educational stuff,
#Aoi teaches manners and etiquette,
#Kyo teaches communication.
#End with Joao punishes the MC with lessons about manners again.

The mini-game I need is something that could reflect this and works well with the situation. Can anyone help me? :sweat_smile:

This kinda reminds me of an otome game. But related to the actual thing itself I think I can help. What exactly do yiu need help with?

A game that would help the MC and readers sabotage all lessons or each lesson.

Do you know how to do choices with gains and gotos and labels and stuff?

Yes. i do.

Perfect. That’s basically all you need to do. Create your choice, decide how it affects it depending on the choice, and then sabotage it and use the gains to remember that. Don’t forget to add the labels and gotos. It makes it easier to look at I suppose.

Interesting. Thank you! You gave me an idea!

No worries!! Glad I could help :smile:

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