Mini Game Help with Developing Limelight Story

Hi Episodians!

I need help with creating a mini game for my story.
I would like to create a mini game revolving around what to say to a character and then have consequences per choice.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I will respond quicker to my dms on instagram @amyv.episode


This probably sounds bad but whatever:


3 options on what to say and only 1 is best
And then repeat this like 2 more times until you get the correct answer
(Basically like a puzzle where only 3 options out of the 9 will end the game if that didn’t make sense)


I love your idea and it actually could work. SO, this male character is attempting to sweet talk the female lead and in doing so he makes himself look cute, funny, and sort of lame lol. Her responses I would like to affect his reaction and possibly develop from there.

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it depends where you want the consequences - if directly after the choice it will be actualy just a simple choice

if you want the choices to have efect later you will neeed to remember the choices and later use if/elif/else

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