Mini Game help?

First off Hi, thank you for taking time to read this and go whoever makes the mini game thank you so much for doing it, it’s very much appreciated and you will be credited.

Mini Game Info
So I would like the mini game to be in a Style of there are 5 choices and you just click what you think the answer is and you will be able to click what you think the answer is with a tappable overlay and then at the end of the round it will show with a tappable overlay what the right answer is

more info
It’s basically 5 girls and the host of the show is playing 10 songs and the girls will have to guess what song is on the others playlist. I have 5 tappable overlays of each girls names and I can send those if needed.

I feel like the code will be repetitive like
Host: who’s playlist is this from
Tappable: character ( 5 times ) ( also timed choice of 5 seconds )
Reveal right answer with tappable overlay
-all over again 10 times-

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