Mini game idea help!

Yes mini games again… sorry

I’m trying to come up with a puzzle… in my game you are escaping a room by finding objects. For example finding a key to open the draw to get the letter opener to open the letter…

So in my story the reader manages to open a metal box that controls the lights in another room… but I’m stuck… I want them to have to solve a puzzle involving wires but I’m struggling to come up with anything…

I was thinking about using the rotation puzzle but l was planning to use that for something else

Has anyone got any suggestions?

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I’ve got an idea! Give them a color code, like suppose there are 4 wires, red, yellow, blue, green. So give them the colors in a specific order, they have to remember it. then, in the wire box, wires will be connected, but, wrong colors. then they tap on the wire, and it connects to the right color. If they tap on the wires in a wrong sequence, they will have to restart. I know i didnt make sense like this but maybe this will help :sob:


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I think I understand so lets say the puzzle starts off like you have shown and they have to do the code

Red blue yellow green

They would have to tap both red buttons, then both blue buttons then yellow buttons then green… is that right?

No, they only have to tap on the wire

So red wire first, then blue, yellow green

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