Mini game ideas for fantasy

Hey everyone.
So I am currently working on a fantasy story but I am currently stuck with not having enough good ideas for a vampire fantasy story. Please feel free to share any mini game ideas which I can make my vampire MC play. I’ve already added fighting minigame, so please suggest some new and unique one if you can.

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Search for blood bag/vial?


I am looking for a training kind of mini game. The MC is training for becoming a Vampire Queen.

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I have seen in lots of stories
That vampires can run fast.

Maybe try to make a minigame on it? :no_mouth:

Or… i have seen that vampires can smell other vampires… So maybe make a minigame and let MC choose who is human and who is vampire? :no_mouth:


You could have her do an archery game? Have her hit a certian amount of targets to see if she has what it takes to become queen?

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Thanks for ideas zomb. I’ll see if these works for me :heart: :relaxed:

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Thankyou @Ryder14 I’ll see if this works :heart:

Anyone else with some other ideas.

Hi, do your vampires transform? If so you could make a mini-game with her learning how to do it faster or in extreme situations, or make it into a race.

You could also have one with her learning how to see better in the dark, like having to find a needle in a room full of junk. Think like those seeker games, where there’s a room full of stuff and the player has to find certain objects, the tappable overlays would be a great way to do this.

Also can your vampires turn to smoke or teleport? You could make that into a race or she has to recover an object from somewhere high that doesn’t have conventional means of access, like a antenna on a very tall building.

I’ve encountered several stories before where the vampires have a limited ability to be in sunlight :ie: they need sunscreen/umbrellas/long tight fitting clothing, or they develop a gradual immunity from small dose exposure (points system would be good for this). That could give you several games that could be repeated every time she needed to be in the sunlight.
You could also use this same idea and spin it so that it works on the traditional vampire deterrents, ie: garlic, crosses, silver, wood etc - you could really beef her up if she didn’t have the traditional weaknesses!

Super-strength is often an inbred ability of vampires, but you could also have her do exercises to become even stronger than normal vampires, the points system would also be a good way to implement this.

Oh, and vampires often can hypnotize humans so they come willingly, you could have her train this so she can also use it on other vampires, again points system would be a good way to do this. So say a human only needs 1 point to be hypnotized as a starting point, while a newbie vampire can be hypnotized at 5 points, but a vampire lord would require 30+ points etc

Ummmm… that’s all I can think of at the moment, but that gives you a few more ideas, lol :joy: have fun!

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Aww thankyou so much for such brief ideas. Yeah I think I can do something with these ideas. Sunlight n garlic ones are not valid in my story but for other ideas my vamp. is already strong enough and she has too many powers so I can use these ideas for minigames.
Thankyou so much again :heart:

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You’re welcome, glad I could help! Have fun with them!

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