Mini Game Ideas Help!

Hi all! I was wondering as readers what mini games do you enjoy most? My story is coming together soon, and the purpose is to have sexy single couples have to build on their relationships. But I want to code some fun games for readers to play and help them see the characters enjoying building those relationships. I was wondering what you like to see or if anyone has ideas! Thanks!


  • They have a competition where they throw cream pies at each other. They have to make their own teams, so the player gets to choose which LI to be with. You have to aim when an opponent is looking away and dodge when they’re looking at you.

  • A game of Would You Rather? around a campfire in which the options each add points to a certain LI.

  • An escape room minigame where the player must pan to find clues and tap on the items. (But include a non-panning option because pans can glitch out!) And they’re working with the LI(s), of course!

Oh I really like these thanks this is super helpful!

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Yay! I’m glad I could help!

Yes I total agree. Any kind of escape room/ strategy mini game is great. Competition games are fun as well:)


Oh I agree just wanted to reach out I think the second day will have more competition.


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