Mini game offer

So I’m willing to offer to code mini games for you in exchange for 2 things :joy:

  1. For me to be able to add the game to my mini game volt (an episode I use to show examples of the games I can make.) when adding the game to my volt I will change the design so they are not identical in order to ensure yours has it’s own unique look.

  2. For you to credit me as the person who made the mini game.

For examples of the games I can make take a look here Episode Writer Portal

All games are available for use on request.

Please be aware I’m an adult with a full time job so there may be some delay in completing your game. I don’t recommend asking for complex games if you are in a rush :heart:


these are amazing , how long will they be free?

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I will never charge :+1:

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And thank you :heart::heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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