Mini game question!

Is there a way to make a mini game where a pattern appears on the screen, as an overlay, and you have to trace the pattern to continue?

I don’t believe you could draw using overlays. You could probably use tappable overlays though to do something close. Like, if you were drawing a triangle, you could give them three points and tell them “tap the dots to draw the shape” or something of the like.


If you ment like swipe to continue, it’s quite simple. Make the pattern as an overlay And use the tappable overlay thing and after they’ve swiped I believe Episode would think they tapped on The overlay…

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You can do it using tappable overlays…you have the patern and above it you have arrows so reader taps the arrow where it should go next of if it is possible you make the part of the pattern as tappable overlays itself

  • but you can’t directly with finger repeat patern and make it recognisible by the script.
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