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I’m trying to find a good idea for a mini game in my story, and I got one, I just don’t know if it’s doable.

My idea was to make a game with green and red circles. So there’s a big red circle on the screen which, after a few seconds turns into a green circle or button. The point is to press the green circle not the red one, so if you keep pressing the red button you get in a loop that only ends if a green button is pressed at some point, or if after 10 tries you still didn’t make it the game asks you if you want to skip the mini-game.

The question I have is … How would I go about doing that?

you can use something like timed tappable minigame by using point system counting the attempts.

if the reader taps the red circle it can get NARRATOR wrong choice and bring him back on start of the minigame.

And for counting the attempts you will add points so once the reader got 10 ( I personally would go for less since if it will be hard for him he will get annoied after so many tries) and after the desired number of points it will end up the minigame

simplified version without the overlqys movement atc…

@GAME =0

if (GAME =10) {
} else {
“RED” {
@GAME +1
#here add the code for what will happen after thay tapp red
} “GREEN” {
#here add what will see only the one hitting the green
You failed to hit the green light in 10 trials
#here you will go on with story - same for both readers

regarding the overlays I would code it so that the tappable green overlay is ofscreen so it cant be tapped while the red is there¨
then I would for short time put ofscreen the red one and put on screen the green one

making it probably a loop so basicly reader will be able to tapp only what he sees on screen

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yes that was basically what I was thinking of at first and then remebered how it would go down and asked for help.

If I do it this way, it would be just like any tappable overlay choice, you would have to press the red button to continue the game because a choice doesn’t go away unless you pick something from it or unless it’s timed, so I decided to make it timed.

Considering to have any type of choice you need at least two I was thinking of making a transparent overlay in the background so it would be either pressing the red/green button or the background and if you press the background it would also count as a loss

I was just wondering if I could put a timer on the red choice and then either press the red button or the background and under else I would put the green tappable overlay.
I was also wondering if there’s a possiblity to make the time different each time. (For instance to put the time always be the computer’s pick between 3 and 10 seconds)

Also considering label ENDNINIGAME_1 is right after the green choice, wouldn’t it be shown even if you win the minigame?

no, since the green goes to ENDMINIGAME_2 I just wrongly but the goto above the # it should be under it of cause - it is now repared

If you want a classical timed tappable choice that the coming back to the label MINIGAME will cause the time will start again

Timed choices end after any tapp.

But you can make 3 tappable overlays which one will be at the side and it will therefore not be tappable and after the desired time you will move it so the reader can tap only this overlay '(it will be on top layer covering all overlays) … then you will have the “time is up” option solved because after tapping this overlay the minigame will end.

And no you are not right this is not a classic tappable minigame if you will code the overlays to move as I suggest in my first post they will change on-screen even if the reader will not tap anything at all.

But do it of course cause your way.:relaxed::grinning:

I’m sorry I can’t understand half of your sentences here

I tried to reword it :point_up_2: - if you don’t understand tell me which part - I don’t know how advanced you are in coding so I can simplify the things if you are a beginner.

And sorry for my English I am not a native speaker and sometimes my dysortographia makes weird things. :smiley:

It’s not the coding it’s the way you wrote your sentences

like what is this?

The timed choice ends eather in the time (if nothing is tapped) or as soon something is tapped

So if reader taps red the time will stop even it is a wrong choice.
you will then with goto/label send him back on start of the minigame
So the game and with it the timer/countdown will start over again from start

Theoretically if you want each time to have different timer in the minigame - you can do it I believe only as several timed choices one under another (each with different time)
Each time reader ends one timed choice he goes to the next one… but I am not sure this is what you imagine

yes I understand that, it’s just that I wanted to do the minigame the way I said, rather than your way because I find it that putting both of the buttons in there when one is fofscreen is bigger hassle than what I envisioned.

Also I understood completely what you wrote in your first comment, and knew what you meant to do with the gotos and labels, it’s just a small change I made to your idea that leads to the same thing expect I think it’s better and easier that way.

And I figured that out about the time, I only asked just in case to not put in so much work into something that could’ve been done much easier.

If you have a solution great :heart_eyes: - my intention is to help not to prove to you that my solution is better. :wink:

yeah, I mean it is your solution, but with a few tweaks since I’m not used to making minigames to not only make it easier fro myself to understand it, but to also make it easier and make some ideas myself instead of relying on everybody else otherwise I’ll never figure out how it works.

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