Mini Game script templates πŸ’•

I know it might be lot to ask, but can anyone help me making a few mini game templates for my story. It is a fantasy story called The Magic School …
I will give insights on instagram if uh accept to help me :two_hearts:
My handle is @_silver.epi
Please i really want this help and i will for sure credit uh :eyes:

What mini game are you trying to have made :sweat_smile:?

Potion making
Fish catching game
( I would like if someone can help me with the ideas) cuz there are three stages so it’s a bit difficult to think about such games)

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I’m currently helping someone else but there game will be finished by today or tomorrow. Here are some examples of games ive made but please don’t try the tower defence or cut the wire game as these are currently being worked on and you will get stuck in them as there is no way to win or exit the game at the moment.

Ps this is not a story this is just a place I keep my mini game scripts

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Thnks … I will check it out now :two_hearts:

I really loved the game uh made they work as butter :eyes::two_hearts:…
I know u r busy and it’s a lot to ask but i have been stuck with the game portion with over a month and i can’t seem to figure out which games I would like to add for my fantasy story…
There will three levels they have to cross in order to win …

  1. Mountain of madness
  2. Forest of fears
  3. Ocean of obscenity
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Thank you I’m really glad you liked them :slight_smile:

Id be more than happy to help as soon as I’ve finished the game I was making for another member which should be finished tonight :slight_smile:

Would you mind explaining how each level works and what you would like to happen?

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