Mini game templates

How do I make mini games? Or can someone make a few mini games for me? I’ll give you credit!
Thank you!

I can, what kind of thing are you after? Overlays aren’t a problem either.

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Also, anyone reading this thread who has mini game ideas: comment them! (If OP doesn’t mind.) I’d like to make a bunch for the community to use, no credit required.

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I’m making a thriller about surviving a school shooting. I plan to put in choices that allow you to physically escape being shot or save someone else from being shot. I’m still brain storming on exactly what I’ll have the main character do I just need to know “how” I set up the mini game.

Like for example, how do people make finding clues games?

Tappable overlays probably

I’m writing a story (in limelight) and I’m looking at making a mini game where two of the characters are fighting. So, I want the reader to pick who to fight as then make decisions like duck, punch, kick, etc. and based on their decisions one of them win the fight. Help?

Do you want it to be rigged so that the player’s character wins? Because there’s really no way for the player to predict what move the opponent will make, and they’ll get frustrated if they lose by dumb luck.

You can just have them think it, I guess. Like:
(He’s going to throw the first punch!)
(What should I do?)

It doesn’t explain how they know that the opponent is going to punch first but I don’t know the details of your story, either, so it might work just fine.

you could have an option where if they lose they could either choose to go back or continue on?