Mini Games tutorial

Does anyone know how to do the mini games?

I need like a game they can play on one scene to find clues or evidence?

Or maybe someone has a template for me.

Thanks in advance :cherry_blossom::heart:

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I’ve been watching this All morning don’t get me wrong it works fine but I need the readers to find both pieces of evidence in just 1 scene if that makes sence. . As when I code it the way he has it only let’s them choose one tappable then caries on with the story. When I need them to tap both before carrying on. :weary::weary:

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Then you’ll need to use labels. I’ll also recommend working with character points in mini games like this so that the script counts and ‘knows’ that reader found all the evidence. It’ll look something like this:

label mini_game (<- or whatever you want to name it)
if (CHARACTER=2) {
goto end_mini_game
}else continue
You found a piece of evidence!
@ CHARACTER +1 (<- counting 1/2 of the items)
goto mini_game
You found a piece of evidence!
goto mini_game

label end_mini_game
Congratulations! You found both pieces of evidence.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: If you need more help, lmk


I’ll try this and let you know, thank you, :heart::cherry_blossom:

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@Martini_98 this was really helpful. Some things needed deleting and moving around but it works :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Thank you :cherry_blossom::heart:

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Great! :slight_smile:

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