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Okay, so I’m trying to code a minigame right now. Essentially there would be multiple options, and after that, another round of options, then a third. But I didn’t want choices that had already been picked to be available again, so having chosen an option, that choice could then disappear. So Dara.Amarie has already posted an example code that would enable me to do just that - cool!

The only issue is that if the player fails, I’d like to give them a chance to go back and try again. But once they’ve already done the game once, they already have the gains. And there’s no way to lose gains (at least that I know of) just yet. Is there another way to code this so that choices can be remembered through three rounds of options without using gains or massively complicating the code?

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I can code it for you if you want! I’d just need time :sweat_smile:

You can use points instead of gains, then if they fail, reset the points at the beginning

Also, that template you linked above is pretty old lol. You can use this method instead: Enable/Disable Choice Options with Conditions

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That’s really very kind! I might take you up on the offer, but at the same time I’d love to be able to get good at coding by myself. If you’re up for dishing out some advice or guidance, I’m all ears!


I didn’t think points would be able to distinguish between which options had already been chosen. I also considered referencing the options (i.e. choice (REFERENCENAME)) and recalling it later on but that seemed needlessly long-winded for what I wanted to do.

I’ll definitely check out the new code you’ve linked me to! Hopefully that resolves the issue. Thanks!

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