Miraculous Roleplay!



I’ll be Chloe.


First of all, this is in the wrong section. It belongs in the Story Game and Roleplay section.

Also, wanted to let you know, I love Miraculous but I’ve never been in a role play so I don’t know what even happens in them. :thinking:


Moved to the SG and RP section! :v:t2:


Welcome to our community! Here’s a link that goes to a post that covers RP/SG rules and also check out our New Ideas thread in the pinned posts of our section. Feel free to reach out to me or other RPers anytime if you have any further questions about anything!


Thanks. But I think I’ll be too busy for this at the moment. :frowning:

But you may see me again… :wink:


So…I’m a huge fan of the “kids” show Miraculous and I don’t know if were talking about the same one. Even though my family calls me a baby for watching shows like that at age “17”, I am still a huge fan. I would join the Roleplay but I’m already in 2. If this was an SG then I would sign up right away!

This is awkward if were not talking about the same show!


We are talking about the same show, don’t worry!


I can be Marinette if you want, or even Chat Noir, M’good person.


Ok, I’ll be chloe!




Can I be Alya?




what ship?




woohoo, marichat trash 4 life!




I had no idea this even existed!


I wanted to be Marinette! Oh well…