Miraculous: Unpopular Opinions

Hey I’ve just finished the third season of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir and I just want to voice some personal opinions of mine. You don’t have to agree with them but you can share some of your opinions down below.

1. Luka is a boring character:

He lacks personality and it seems like he was only created to be Marinette’s love interest.

2. Chloe did not deserve a miraculous:

I know Chloe fans will hate me for saying this but she hasn’t really changed. Although, there were times when she did a nice gesture, she never really tried to be better as a person and still continues to mistreat those who are close to her. As Queen Bee, she only wanted her miraculous for fame, used it for all the wrong reasons and became more power-hungry. When she didn’t get what she wanted as quickly as she liked, she willingly risked putting the entire city in danger. Despite Ladybug not confronting her sooner, that is still no excuse for Chloe’s behavior in the season finale.

3. Lila is a great antagonist but an awful person:

She brings drama to the show and has some admirable qualities. She lies to seek validation which usually stems from insecurities but I dislike her as a person. Her lies aren’t the issue but the way she treats others is sickening especially Adrien. After finding out the truth, Adrien was still willing to help her and remain her friend. In return, she tries to manipulate him then isolates him from Marinette out of spite not for “his own good”. She possesses toxic traits for a friend or partner.

4. Kagami is not a bad person:

I didn’t always like her at first because of her standoffish demeanor. I now have a better understanding of her because she has an overly strict parent (like Adrien) which is why she doesn’t have many friends. She hasn’t done anything awful for me to dislike her and she just seems like a normal girl who is socially awkward and likes Adrien (similar to Marinette ). She honestly deserves better.

5. Adrien and Ladybug are not obligated to return the feelings of their counterparts:

Adrien only likes Marinette as a friend and that’s not a bad thing. I don’t expect him to fall in love with her immediately because there would be a lack of build-up. I’d also like to point out that Adrien should like Marinette for who she is rather than liking her solely because of her strong feelings towards him. As for Ladybug, she is also entitled to her feelings. Everyone gets mad whenever she rejects Chat Noir but Chat repeatedly tries to peruse her when she’s stated on numerous occasions “I’m in love with someone else”. He keeps trying and hopes that she’ll say yes but he needs to learn that there are more options.

6. The two protagonists seeing other people is just what they need:

So many fans hate this idea but I think it has potential. Adrien and Marinette needs to realize that there are always more options. Having a crush is normal but they shouldn’t let that consume their life or cloud their judgement. Having a first relationship experience might help both of them to become a little more mature because neither of them are ready to be in a serious relationship (at least not with each other).

7. Marinette’s actions need to be acknowledged:

Don’t get me wrong I like Marinette and she should be allowed to have flaws however, those flaws should be handled properly by acknowledging them. How is she supposed to grow as a character if her wrong-doings continue to be swept under the rug? I also dislike how her traits such as her obsessiveness and jealousy are purposely exaggerated more than her good qualities for comedic purposes. As a solution, in future seasons she should either get confronted or scolded about her actions by a close friend/relative or just learn from her past mistakes.

8. Adrien does not have to be friends with everyone:

I understand that his character dynamic is a genuinely kind-hearted and forgiving person however, he doesn’t have to befriend everyone he meets especially those who will only cause him more problems. For instance, he continues to befriend Lila despite knowing her true nature. Lila would be a very controlling and manipulative friend if she truly wanted Adrien through any means necessary. He can be nice to her but he should keep a distance from her.

9. It’s okay for Ladybug to be the Alpha without Chat always having to be sidelined:

I like both characters as heroes but I dislike how Chat Noir is either overlooked by fans or is always sacrificing himself. They should at least keep the same energy towards both parties to prove that they’re truly a team.

10. Nino and Alya’s relationship is cuter than the love square:

I have no issue with the main relationship dynamic of the show but so many fans only talk about the love square when Alya and Nino have the purest relationship in the show. In one episode when Alya was turned into a kiss zombie, Nino stayed with her knowing he will be infected. If that’s not love I don’t know what is.

11. Natalie/Mayura is a better villain than Hawkmoth:

I honestly dislike Gabriel as of now. I still don’t forgive him in the Chat Blanc episode for deliberately hurting his son in such a disgusting way. Natalie as a villain has so much potential. I also notice that Hawkmoth gets the job done faster whenever she works with him and they’re much more powerful together.

12. Adrien is not a Gary Stu but Luka is:

Adrien may seem perfect from his peer’s perspective but he also has flaws. One of his biggest flaws is his passiveness. He tries to see the good in other people (even when they don’t deserve it) this could hurt him in the long run. He also has a habit of being too persistent as Chat Noir. As much as I like Chat, he keeps hoping Ladybug will return his feelings when she’s only expressed platonic admiration and is romantically disinterested. Luka on the other hand is the “perfect” guy. He has little to no personality, the same tone, body language, and facial expressions in each episode. I like that he’s chill but he lacks what makes a good character not a good person.


ok i cant read all of that BUT YESSS CHLOE IS DED TO ME!

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i was too lazy to read it all :crazy_face:


I may have gone a little overboard. I just wanted to rant about everything on my mind since I just finished watching the show.

Omg Miraculous is literally my life


the writing of the show is not the best. every episode is rushed. chloe or marinette piss someone off wether they want it or not -> that someone gets akumatized -> ladybug and cat noir fight the villain of the episode -> ladybug can’t figure out how to win and uses the lucky charm -> they defeat the villain all sherlock style -> pound it -> the episode ends with a “insightful” speech of a character or a close up or even unrelated moments with the episode. And let’s not forget within all of that there’s, marinette hiding her true feelings from adrien and ladybug rejecting cat noir. There isn’t enough time for characters to express their feelings in the show, as in take a breath. midfight one of them will feel tired it’s a normal human reaction! show it! Personally, the only characters that are written well are Hawkmoth and Kagami.

it’s a kids show. kids do not pay attention to it. Avatar the last airbender is a kids show and it’s the best thing it ever happened on Nickelodeon!

and something else about that. i 100% agree with! but they’ve written marinette like that:

marinette’s in love with Adrien. someday they are gonna get together! and that’s marinette’s logic! have they sat down and discussed will Adrien be up to this? Is it something of his character to just accept it blindly? or do we need to make it difficult for him to accept?

If anyone didnt see but thete are litetally a lot of details, in all the episodes, that may give us little spoiler to make theories, like Chinese Zodiac is here in each episode, if we watch Miraculous just luke that yeah we dl not see that, but u just need to open a bit ur eyes and u’ll see the super smart things in there.

I understand where you’re coming from. This show works for younger kids because they don’t have the same analogy teens and adults have when it comes to shows or books. If I tried rewatching a show I used to love as a kid, I’d probably hate it. What bothers me the most is the lack of build up but hopefully season 4 will fix that.

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No, not only for kids im not agree

I kinda wish that Marinette would slowly either get over Adrien or just not put him on such a high pedestal. I understand that she likes him but she should also realize that he’s not perfect. I was hoping that in the 4th season Marinette and Adrien would spend more time with each other but as friends. This way, they’d both have a better understanding of one another. Marinette will chill when it comes to Adrien and Adrien might slowly develop feelings for her the more he gets to know her.

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I hope they will soon too :pleading_face:

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Same, i think its temporary, well i hope at least, and then a mega-super-dreamy cliffchanger arrive and ADRINETTE IS WE AREEEEEEE!!!

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It seems like both characters are just a plot device to bring the two protagonists closer. The reason why I like Kagami is because her character has some depth and confidence without being mean-spirited. Luka on the other hand just seems like he was only written to be Marinette’s love interest. There’s not that much depth or personality to his character.

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