Mirror overlay help needed! <3


I am a bit confused at the moment as I don’t know which overlay to use for my mirror in the background INT.BATHROOM - DAY for the character reflection? I’ve seen both of these and don’t know which one to actually put into my script.

Overlay 1


Overlay 2


Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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U can use the upper one if u are zoomed in on that mirror part only…but if you want full background with the reflection of character in mirror , go with second one…as it will cover the legs of mirror character

I am bad at explaining :no_mouth:


You can use both! Overlay 1 will need to be opacity 0.5 (for example) and overlay 2 will need to be infront of it


Hello! Thanks for this, haha. You’re a lifesaver! Xx


Hey! Thanks for replying, it really helped. And don’t worry, I understand what you mean. :slightly_smiling_face: :hearts:


:upside_down_face: Welcome
And I found da script for it…(because I had nothing to do)


Omg thank you so much! I’ve been trying to look for one for ages!!! :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:


No problem! I’ve drafted a basic script below!
&overlay OVERLAY1 moves to layer 1
&overlay OVERLAY1 opacity 0.5 in 0
&overlay OVERLAY2 moves to layer 2
&overlay OVERLAY2 opacity 1 in 0
@CHAR1 moves to layer 0
@CHAR2 moves to layer 3

@CHAR1 would be behind the mirror (the reflection)
@CHAR2 would be in front of the mirror and facing rear

All you would need to do is spot direct the overlays and characters to your preference. Hope this helps!




:joy: now u have it :upside_down_face: welcomeee :ghost:


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