Mirror overlay needed


Hello everyone
I need a mirror overlay please for this bathroom
How do i also include for example scars on my character’s face? as if they’re looking at themselves and seeing scars in the mirror?
Thank you.


It’s a certain way you have to code it. Ask @Dara.Amarie might know. I can help with the overlay part though. Give me a few mins


Thank you so much! can you please also help me with the direction?


I’m trying to think of who else might could help… lol I’m working on the over lay now…


hey there! is it done?
thank you


IMG_0568 IMG_0569


It’s 2 different one.


Awesome thank you! so how do i attach them to the scene? which one is the background and which is the overlay?
Thank you so much


They are both overlays. I wasn’t sure which overlay you would need. lol I’ve seen scene with both being used. You have to upload them first


So when i write the script how do i put overlays? or more than one overlay?
Is this order correct?
Thanks a bunch
also how do i give you credit?
I see a pop ups in screen stories of people giving credit and i dont know how to do that


@ChayChay on forums is good. You just use your avatar and write a line sayting
Thanks to @ChayChay for the overlay.

@_hxxd or @WinterMoon05 might know more about the directing with overlays I don’t know much… lol


Here’s the one I use for my stories. It’s already the right size so it just lines up perfectly with the background automatically and is already faded so you just need to change the layer :slight_smile: No need to credit me


So to use the overlay, you’d use the background as normal.

  1. Create a double for your character (you can do this if the character is customized by creating an extra character then saying @EXTRACHARACTER becomes MAINCHARACTER) and have them move to layer one (@MAINCHARACTER moves to layer 1)
  2. Add the overlay of the mirror I attached (@overlay OVERLAYNAME create / @overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 1 )
  3. Move that mirror overlay to layer 2
  4. Add this overlay using the same instructions then move it to layer 3
2nd Overlay

  1. Add your main character to the scene and move them to layer 4


In need of a mirror overlay


Can I use the overlay ? I’ll give credit💙


no problem!!! :blush::two_hearts:


Thanks💙 what’s your @ so I can give credit ?


it’s just @epithet, lol (unless you’re talking about instagram, which is @epithet.ep


Kk and I was talking about ig😂


Do you know where I could get a broken glass overlay?