Mirror reflection help :)

Can someone tell me why the mirror her is walking backwards

with rear animations the direction is basically the opposite. so to make her face left you’ll need to put @CHARACTER faces right


Thank you so much! :blush:

How do you get the reflection to appear in the mirror?

Another character is needed for your mc and an overlay of the bathroom you are using.

Is there a specific code for that? Sorry for all the questions I’m just really confused.

For mirror reflections you have to make a duplicate character, then an overlay of the mirror (most come with the wall attached so that you can’t see the dupe’s legs) then coding it would be like:

INT. BACKGROUND - DAY with MIRROR at layer 0
&MC stands screen center and MC faces right and MC moves to layer 1 and MC starts idle_rear_facing_animation and DC stands screen center and DC faces right and DC moves to layer -1 and DC starts normal_facing_idle_animation

You want your overlay to be at the layer between the two characters -1, 0, 1 and you’ll want your duplicate character facing your characters face so since rear animation are inverted with the facing direction – facing left when doing rear makes the character face right and vice versa-- So pay attention to which way you’re facing the character. Then just code it as a normal second scene character and if you’re doing a talking animation, (talk_handsonhips_neutral_loop_rear and talk_neutral_loop_rear), make sure to add :

&DC starts talk_neutral_loop
MC (talk_neutral_loop_rear)
Blah blah!
&MC starts idle_rear and DC starts idle_shiftweight_neutral_loop

^^^^whatever the MC does, the DC has to do too using the & command. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the code. Is the mirror already an overlay or do I have to make one?

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Yes, you can send me a message and I can help you.


You would have to find or make them. Episode is notorious for not giving overlays with their backgrounds but if you click my pfp and go to the link on it (Cole’s overlay drive), you’ll find the link to my Drive where I took episode backgrounds and made overlays for them. Pretty sure I did one or two of the bathroom* overlays and I’ve already edited them to make the mirror parts almost see through (mirror effect still there but you don’t have to mess with the opacity or use multiple overlays).

Oh, and their sorted by the Episode BG names from the portal to make it easy to find things.

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Ok. Would you like to receive credit when i use them?

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You really don’t have to give me credit but if you’d like to you can just do

readerMessage Overlays by ColeCatalyst