Mirror reflection scene

how can i code the mirror reflection scene

You will need an overlay for the room (with an empty space where the mirror should be) and a copy of your character.

Make your character in front of the overlay
Have the copy of the character stand behind the overlay (so that their body wont be visible, and they seem like an actual reflection) and it will look like they are in the mirror
And make sure character B does exactly what character A does, but facing the opposite direction (so if your character looks at the camera, the reflection should be rear, but if you want the reflection to be looking at the front, then the character should be rear)

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Check out this thread for more details

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You can also check out this if you like:


How to duplicate the character

Just create a new identical character

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Oh ok so just upload the same character all the same details etc…

yupp exactly

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Ok i will let you know if i need more help:)

of course, anytimee!:slight_smile:

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