Mirror reflection spotting

Hi i have this background and overlay but i am confused on the characters spotting and how to position they overlay and they background, sum1 plz help!

I dont see your background but using the mirror you neeed bigger overlay than just the mirrort itself to hide the rest of the body (unless you zoom so that there will be nothing but the mirror itself).

this is the background can u help me plz


so basically this is an overlay and this is and overlay and the original background is the bacground

give mew a moment I will make you the script. :slight_smile:

thank u is it done yet?

OMG wait a bit I have to modyfi the background / overlay because it is too big and episode will not upload it as overlay… I will giv you all what you need just a second. :slight_smile:


is it done yet?

so this is how it look like.

the script is:

INT. BATH with BATH to 1 -115 0 in zone 2 at layer 2 with MIRROR at layer 1
&overlay MIRROR opacity 0.5 in 0
&cut to zone 2
&CHAR spot 1.046 74 170 in zone 2 and CHAR is rear AND CHAR faces left AND CHAR moves to layer 3
&CHAR2 spot 1.046 213 170 in zone 2 and CHAR2 faces left AND CHAR2 moves to layer 0
@CHAR2 becomes CHAR

CHAR - is the original character
CHAR2 is the mirror character - you eather create dobble looking the same or you can use the command @CHAR2 becomes CHAR

This is the background upload it and name it INT. BATH - or if you rename it you have to change it in the script:

This is overlay MIRROR - I hae to make it bigger so upload this or qyou will have to scale the original one.

and this is overlay to cover his legs . name it BATH

if you want the mirrored person to be more visible change the opacity of the mirror

&overlay MIRROR opacity 0.5 in 0

for example to
&overlay MIRROR opacity 0.3 in 0

so is it solved now?

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yes omg thank u so much u are a literally a life saver

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Closed: Solved, thanks everyone :v: