Misc and zombie animations

Do we need this Misc in Episodes clothing section?
Clown mask- Warning! Coulrophobia :warning:
download (1)

download (2)

Elf ears-
download (3)


For zombie looks, stuff like eyeballs hanging out of the socket, missing flesh, bloody eyes, bitten/missing body parts, empty eyes socket and few more animations like:

  • -zombie_bite_aggresive

(where the zombie tries to/bites the body part)

  • zombie_hit_react

(where zombie reacts to getting hit)

  • zombie_breakleg_walk

(where they drag their broken leg/dislocated leg)

This are just some suggestions I think will add some touch to the zombie apocalypse story. What do you think??


good sis, for ears can we do also for vampires?

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That would be cool. We will have more options to hop on.

For sure! Support.

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