Miscarriages in stories

This is very important, and I am genuinely concerned about this. I added miscarriage to the story, (only ten-fifteen chapters) and I am just now thinking if this is not okay or okay to put in a story.

Aurora works as a lifeguard on a North Carolina beach, she was a young to be mom, but she had a miscarriage, so she decided to move to North Carolina and work as a lifeguard.

I wasn’t sure if this was alright to mention, but in the start of my story, I put warnings in it, stating clearly that a miscarriage will be present in the story, and I will clearly state when it will be mentioned and have the option to skip the chapter, as nothing really will happen except for the discussion of the miscarriage.

Is it alright to put that in a story, or no?


There’s nothing in the guidelines that says you can’t. So long as you don’t make offensive jokes out of it, or glorify it in some way that could hurt people, you’re not doing anything wrong. Trigger warnings are a good idea as you never know what people have been through and who might come across your story.

Also being able to skip scenes as you mentioned is a good idea! x

My advice is if you have not been through this yourself to do your research to ensure you are accurate and sensitive to the topic.


I’ve done plenty of research on it, and I’ve sourced checked everything. Thank you so much!


No worries! Glad to hear you’ve done your research! Best of luck with your story. :blush:


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