Miscategorised animations in the Art Catalog

I’ll only list a few because there are a lot of miscategorised animations and it’s making it difficult to find them. Although some animations are hard to categorise, it’s a bit hard to understand why these are miscategorised as they literally have the category they go into in their name! And some of these I would have used if they were easier to find.

This is for Limelight Female.
talk_sit_crossarms_neutral appears when filtered by Non-Talking, Standing but not when filtered by Talking, Sitting. It also appears under Angry when filtering by emotion.
idle_baby_rock_happy_loop, idle_happy_loop and idle_happy_pose appear when filtered by Neutral but not when filtered by Happy.
think_rubchin appears when filtered by Talking but not when filtered by Non-Talking

And so, so many walking animations appearing under the Standing filter. (However these do appear under Walking.)

Also another 8 singing animations that don’t appear when filtered by Talking but do when filtered by Non-Talking.

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Hi there @jar_output_error, please let the support team know about this issue by sending them a help ticket! :smiley:

Thanks, I’ve created a ticket.

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