Miscommunication in Episode Stories

Why? Why do we use miscommunications as a source of drama in stories all the time.

Why does the MC/ LI get back together with a person who clearly distrusts them so much that they refuse to listen to any explanation and jump to insane conclusions?

Why do MC/LI’s always ignore their (future/current) partner and never try to work things out?

Why did all that relationship development come crashing down by someone else hugging the LI and making it look like kiss?

Why the hell does the MC run away while eavesdropping?

Why does this bother me so much? I’ll tell you why, it’s really freaking annoying to watch, like what are you doing? They lose all trust so easily and lash out at everyone. Who listens to your love interest’s ex who wants them back? And the worst part is when the LI or MC (since it happens on both sides? ends up apologizing to the person that misunderstood!! Or when they say “You don’t need to apologize!” Yes they do, they were severely in the wrong!!

I don’t want to sound nitpick or anything, it just grinds my gears when this appears everywhere and last for like 5 episodes. It doesn’t ruin a story for me, but makes it severely less fun to read. Unless it both makes sense and is done well. I don’t get why episode couples can’t have a healthy relationship? Because there is nothing that shows how unhealthy your relationship more than miscommunication.

What do you think of this trope in media and episode?

Do you think after a miscommunication like that, a relationship can bounce back easily?

Why do you think authors continue to write this into their stories?

Do you like or dislike this?

How do you feel when you encounter this in a story?


Because there has to be drama. In every story there’s drama, but only to make the reader read more to find out what’s next; we don’t want to put it in there but it just makes the story more interesting. Like yeah it’s a good idea to put a healthy relationship in there but there has to be some drama, to let the readers know that real life isn’t sunshine and rainbows. Plus author’s do that so we have something to talk about.


Yeah but why is that the only form of drama that they can do? And I don’t really consider it drama, its really boring to watch characters be upset over nothing.


I find that irritating as well…


You know, this irritates me a lot as well. I get so annoyed when this happens, especially if it drags on over the course of multiple episodes, and there’s no choices given to make it a little less painful for me to read.

I prefer realistic stories and situations, and while that’s not everyone’s forte (especially in Episode where the sky is the limit), I wish some situations, such as these, at least had a bit more realism to them.

HOWEVER, I totally understand that it’s for the drama aspect. And I totally respect those who enjoy these situations as everyone has different preferences. I personally just don’t like them, and probably never will :woman_shrugging:t3:


Oh my gosh, I’m trying to figure out this quoting thing! ( yes I don’t know how to use it)

But regarding your question, that’s why there’s other drama’s out there, to suit the needs of people. And yeah it’s somewhat boring but that’s why it’s called miscommunication, because they fight over nothing.

You’re not overreacting or nitpicking. I find those “drama effects” annoying and repetitive as well.
You could tell that the MC/LI has some kind of trust issues or are desperate for seeking drama when they see their partner hugging their ex or a person you dislike.

Honestly, communication is key and if it’s not there, the relationship will not last (telling from my own experience). This is something that authors should make clear.

It’s probably an unpopular opinion, but in my opinion, it’s a lazy way to create drama.


May be among the primary reasons why I don’t read stories about relationships. This is stupid and it hurts to lose brain cells you know? Why would I do that to myself. This is middle school level of drama. And middle school is lame :unamused:


Yeah, I agree. That is why I try to be “different” with the issues in my characters relationships. I would never do the “let’s ignore each other because the LI did something “bad” in the past such as sleeping with someone when we weren’t together or even knew each other”. It is so stupid and sounds like something me and my sister would do in a fight when we were younger. :expressionless: It is not something someone in a healthy relationship does. Cliches are one thing but showing MC’s that are so immature is stupid. Like I would like to see the MC becoming a step mother when she finds out about the baby that isn’t even his. Like why take it out on him, when you spent episodes saying that you could never be with them. I have thought of more creatives ways that I hope people will like that is not introducing a mean girl for the sake of it. I want the ex to be supportive so that is what I am going to do. I feel that some authors just don’t know how to add drama other than that and although I understand why it might be hard but it is possible. :woman_shrugging:


I rarely use the forums, but this time felt the need to speak up and preach!
80% of MC’s are damsels in distress and the only thing that causes drama is their naivety. :woozy_face:
Like … Why in the world do you have to cry and run when LI’s stunning ex, preferably, cheerleader captain laughs at your face? Don’t you know what to do? I can tell you a thing or two and that’s when the drama actually starts. :sunglasses:
I believe there are other ways how to bring drama into the story and make readers hearts flinch.


As a Peach Girl fan, I don’t mind a few miscommunications, but it does make me doubt the strength of a relationship (if you run away crying every time you see your significant other out of context, it’s not gonna last, babe). Having to watch self-proclaimed 20-30 year olds act like middleschoolers on the playground does get boring.