Misgendering in Multiplayer Games

Soooo, every time I play multiplayer on a public server, there’s always someone who assumes everyone’s pronouns are he/his. It’s funny, but it definitely gets annoying — like not everyone who plays video games is male :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

  • Have you ever been misgendered in a game?
  • Do you correct the person who misgenders you?
  • What are some experiences you’ve had with being misgendered?
  • Have you ever been misgendered in the Episode Community?

@phlegmatic WOAH I FOUND YOU


I think it’s so annoying when people do this. I never get misgendered (cuz I’m a guy) but I hate when guys assume all other gamers are guys (bc only guys do this lmao) and then they’re so surprised when they find out another player is a girl, like bro :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
This one game I play, someone wrote a review about this one male character being hot, and someone else said “that’s gay af.” Then the person who wrote the review said “it’s not gay if I’m a girl” and I’m like :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I’ve definitely been misgendered while playing multiplayer games, but I honestly don’t mind it. I actually find it amusing and, strangely, I kind of enjoy when people online can’t tell if I’m a man or a woman… but I’d probably wouldn’t appreciate it if people misgendered me after telling them I’m a woman :woman_shrugging:t2:


I’ve definitely been misgendered in general, especially on sports video games I play. I’m a girl but my username makes me seem like a guy.

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BRUHHHH the sheer amount of transphobia I have dealt with in the multiplayer community is OUTLANDISH.

I have been misgendered all the time, almost everyday to the point I seriously stopped caring.

One of the extreme experiences when it came to me being misgendered was when a guy tried doxxing me on counter strike cause he kept on insisting I’m a girl and wants me to get killed for being a tr4nny. :skull:

About the Episode community, honestly I’m BLESSED that I still haven’t been misgendered. Idk what the future will hold though.


I never turn on my microphone. Can’t get misgendered if they don’t have anything to work off of.


I’ve been misgendered on video games before, but I low-key don’t mind cause some people act weird when they find out you’re a girl. It’s very :sparkles:uncomfy :sparkles:


I’m a gamer and haven’t come across this but I had someone ask me out that was odd. But I guess my username gives it away.

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it was ONE time, someone assumed i was a male for some reason in among us my username was “joanna” bro-
also why even assume someone’s gender when they/them pronouns exist? it’s not even that hard to use them i- :skull:


lowkey don’t mind people assuming im he/his (bc i am lmao), but since I don’t necessarily look the part, most people just use she/her :woman_shrugging:t4:

still, i feel like we need to make they/them the norm in online multiplayer games; i hate it when people just say ‘no one cares’ and continue to use he/him smh

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I have been misgendered a lot of times on video games and it so annoying. Ofc I correct them I don’t want them to think I am the opposite gender. I experience them on video games when my profile picture isn’t exactly a boy or a girl it’s just like a sky or something aesthetics, they assume immediately that you are a boy…My question is, why?, Why do you assume that girls who play video games are boys? I have not been misgendered in the Episode Community! :neutral_face:

It’s really frustrating tbh whenever they just assume without asking or thinking!!! :disappointed_relieved:

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