Misleading covers and description

Hi everyone I’m here asking for your opinions again.

I have a story with very misleading cover and description, it’s not to ruin the plot and the spoilers.
But it’s a really big horror story, with a bunch of jump scares.
The cover is very romantic looking and so is the large cover.
The description doesn’t give much away with the plot and is very romantic

But what should I do :thinking:
I should warn the audience that there will be strong themes and possibly
“Don’t read if you are jumpy to certain things”

Is this good? :thinking:

I’ll put the genre on horror.
But is there anything else I should add? :thinking:


I think that’s enough :slight_smile: Maybe you can add an option to skip the jumpscares so that people can still read the story even tohugh they get scared easily :heartpulse:

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I think that’s a good idea I’ll think of a way to put it in :relieved:

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I can help you code it if you want :blush:

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It’s ok I have it :relieved: thank you tho

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