Miss Josephine's Drag Race 💄

Greetings, and welcome to Miss Josephine’s Drag Race!

This is the first official season of drag race on this website, which means this is… doomed to fail in some way… but! fear not! as i think it’s safe to say it’ll be fun.

Yes, whatever i will say or do, this season shall finish, so i’m stuck to it as of now.

Without further ado, this is how the game will be played.

1. The queens will have to put together a look that fits the theme of the week’s runway challenge, whether that be online or real life created, there can only be one winner.

2. These rules are subject to change.

Now… for the first official season, i’m accepting a total of NINE queens.

Queens :












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Count me in ~

Can I have the same drag queen name as last time?

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omg- bIACH, count me da fudge in!

@CallMeRebeka @Madilnel


Drag names will not be necessary.


Please don’t tag me on these things anymore. :blush:

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Hey could I join? :two_hearts:

Can I join please

Of course.

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Just four more queens to go ~

add me in shister @MissJosephine

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Can I be one?

2 more to go :two_hearts:

Can I be one?!