@Miss_Moonlight Cover art request!

Hello! I’m new to this and I was looking at your examples for covers and I love them! I hope this is still open and was wondering if you can make one for the cover full and the small one so tow please.

Forums username: leslie.episodee
Mobile username: leslie.episodee
Author Name: leslie.episodee
Story Title: I Can Never Love
Story Description: Mina’s father told her to never love right after her mother had an affair and left them, her sister got pregnant and left, she promised her father she will never leave him nor love just for him. Now onto college her four bestfriends want to help her find love. What will she do when she finds out that the only boy she even had a crush one might like her back or that her old guy bestfriend who came just for her came to be with her.

Cover Description: In my head I was think of something like her placing her hands on her chest and a fading heart with the two interest faces in the heart. and the background like in the sunset with her in the beach. Surprise me! I love your work either way.

I will try to show you the characters once I have a way how. if you have an idea how I can please do tell me.

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She changed her username

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Where is freaky evil Marg

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I think



Thanks for telling me

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Hi! Thanks for tagging. Will do :slightly_smiling_face:

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