Miss Moonlight’s ROCKSTAR Outline Contest! #1


Hey there!

Welcome to my

Rockstar Outline Contest

I realized one of my favorite artists on Instagram has beautiful outlines in her drive!


Give her a follow and spam-like her posts! Support the artist who created the outline I’m using!


Welcome to the Rockstar Outline Contest!
Color in the outline provided and please dont remove her watermark. If you have to, type @tessam.art on the background or the outline. And of course, you can credit yourself for coloring the outline in!

Png Outline:


Thank you!





What? :sob::sob:


no tag for mee




Do you have a linktree? If so, could you post a png version on there? If not, that’s fine!


I don’t have a linktree :thinking: it isn’t png? I’m sorry! :grimacing:


Nah. It’s a jpeg


I’m entering!!!


I’m really diggin’ the outline tho!


Yeah I know right! And her edit requests are open :exploding_head:


Is she on the forums? Or only on insta?


Try this






Np! Glad I could help


Thank you! It works now!


Oh ok!


Can I enter?


I’ve been asking sooooo much but every time, EVRYTIME the same people are tagged. I just really wanna be more involved