Miss Understood -new story!

On Sunday, I released a new story that I totally enjoy writing. You will play as Emilianna Saab, a stubborn, spoiled, and sassy 24-year-old who has never worked a day in her life and never needed to, until her parents have had enough of her antics and decide to send her to live with her aunt and uncle, who live in a house with ONE bathroom (gasp!), where she has to share a bedroom and closet with her cousin (Oh my gosh…), and have not a single maid at her service. But that’s not even the worst part… her parents and uncle have arranged for her to work at a private school, in a group full of snotty, entitled brats… even worse than she is!
I’d love it if you guys could check out my story.

Title: Miss Understood
Genre: Comedy
Episodes: 3 (ongoing)
Author: Marianna Escalante (IG: @episodemarianna)
Features: Full customization for MC- except for her name, mini-games, timed choices, point system



There’s a lotttt of stories with the same titles lol

Exactly, there are a lot of stories with the same title… as long as the story is completely different, it shouldn’t be a problem. :smiley: