Miss Universe ~ Official Sign-ups ~ RP


Welcome to Miss Universe.

Miss Universe wins recognition around the universe by winning this world-famous competition.

But it isn’t that easy. Each contestant has to go through 10 challenges that include beauty/catwalks, partnering up and much more!

Get ready for nonstop drama, betrayal, and loss.


  • You can sign up up to 4 characters
  • No cyber bullying…
  • Please make diverse characters and make this personalities diverse too
  • Please know that you’re signing up as a female
  • Have fun!

Signups!: Click here!
Faceclaims!: Not Available yet

You also have to reserve a country before your sign up:

Philippines - Taken @epi.alyssaa
Germany - Taken @Skyzor
Nigeria - Taken @arielbelles
France - Taken @16AngelCat
Sweden - Taken @Ypsilon
Brunei - Taken @Kale
Australia - Taken @Daisy_Flower1
USA - Taken @Ella
UK - Taken @Sophbee
Mexico - Taken @Madilnel
Russia - Taken @Mimi0829
India - Taken @PurpleRose
United Arab Emirates - Taken @luciaricci
Italy - Taken @Hohohope

People who wanted to join

@PurpleRose @16AngelCat @luciaricci @amaiaxx21 @Kale @Kate_Potter @SilverStar @dqrkskin @khione @Madilnel @arielbelles @epi.obsessed1 @GlowingBanZ @taliaa

People who wanted to help

@Ella @oorgeloop

People who wanted to help & join

@Ypsilon @IIChanII @epi.alyssaa

If you have any questions, concerns or remarks please tell me!



I’m signing up as soon as I can.

Don’t we have to reserve the country wanted…?

If so, I reserve Phillipines


Ah, yes sorry forgot that piece. Yes!


I’ll reserve for Russia


Also, is a trans girl allowed? Or just bio females?


Females sorry :pensive:




Then I’ll withdraw my reservation. The only character I have set up rn is Clair. lol




I can try to figure out another character.
I guess. I just happen to be attached to this one. lol


Like, she’s still a girl, and looks like one. Hence why I thought I’d ask. :slight_smile: But I getchu.


I just read your name thing. We have the same name, lol. I’m Clair. Without the e.




Alright. Doing the form for Germany now~!


Reserving for Nigeria!


Reserve for France!


Reserve for Sweden!

Gotta represent my county, haha. And I probably won’t be able to sign up until Wednesday or Thursday since I don’t have any internet until then. Hope that’s okay!


Reserve for Brunei please!


Reserve Australia!


reserve for USA!