➡️Missing ADMINS ⬅️


Like in old forum, same here, I miss admins. :open_mouth:
I’d like them to be more include in forum discussions. :heart:
What do you say? Comment if you agree! :heart:


I do miss them, but I have seen Jeremy, Trinady, and Ryan around! They’ll probably arrive soon.


i saw jeremy a few times but thats all! idk where some of the staff went tbh


They probably got kidnapped and went missing… LOL JK!!! :rofl:


But true… I haven’t seen them around much. I even feel like WE run this place now LMAO! :laughing:


I’ve seen both Ryan, Trinady and Jeremy around, maybe the others are still monitoring the old forums or doing something important.


@Estefi We do run the place. :stuck_out_tongue: Without us it would be empty here. :stuck_out_tongue:




Help! I’m trapped in the old forums!! Send cookies!!!


…wanna have a cookie?..
(• ^ • )
<🍪< \


I don’t really know what cookies are… :sleepy:


Admins are heartily missed. Here right now, please :heart:



LOL… but seriously, what are cookies… :thinking:


A cookie is a small amount of data that enables a website to remember information.

This is mostly for usernames and passwords, but is also used to record other information such as search settings to improve your recommended purchases, or which articles you have read on a news site so that the headlines can be coloured differently as ‘read’ when you visit again.

Some users have privacy concerns about cookies and prefer not to allow them. You can allow or disallow cookies in your settings.

If you do disallow cookies, be aware that some websites, such as PayPal, require cookies to log into your account and save your preferred settings.


I had been talking about the kinds of cookies that crumble down into my tum, but this is apt also! :slight_smile:


I’m dying from this conversation. Muffins anyone? They are free, just pick one out from this virtual basket and enjoy! Btw it’s me The Adrienne Napier, but I removed The (;



Every time I try to get a muffin… it stays inside the basket… :sob:


Really?! :rofl: This whole time I thought you’ve been talking about some sort of coding cookie, cuz I’ve heard about them before but never really knew what they were.


LOL, that makes sense! I just assumed you were really committing to a joke I didn’t understand :slight_smile: