Missing animations and clothing on LL catalog

i’ve noticed that a lot of authors have used animations and clothing in their stories that I just don’t have for some reason… I’ve literally tried to scroll down all of the animations to find them but I just cant. the same thing is happening with some clothes. if anybody knows why, please let me know!! also I’m using LL by the way :))

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For Ink or LL? If it’s ink, I might be able to help.

for LL, thank you for mentioning that ill fix it right now :))

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if you have seen it in epidode story … original or featured than there are clothes and animations which common comunity authors do not have acces to. So it is completly normal.

Also it seems the filtres in outfits are not working properly. When I for exsmple filte the acessories and head pieces I donts see a lot things that should be in this category. But I see them when I switch of all filtres and just scroll down the whole pavk… which is annoyng like hell…

yeah, the same thing happens to me too, it’s really annoying

do you know why do some authors not have access to it?

nobody from of the common authors have acces to it because this are special clothes for featured or episode original stories.

I assume it is because episode wants something exclusive for the stories that they publish so they will differ a bit from the comunity stories.:woman_shrugging:

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oh i see, thank you so much!

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