Missing Characters

I was coding on writers portal and my characters appeared, but there were some minor errors that I tweaked and I played through it again, all the sudden one of my characters wasn’t in any of the scenes I had put him in. What is going on?

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Hi I was also doing the same thing and like your problem my character disappeared!

I was also having problems with the overlay meaning… “PNG and less the 1MB” ??? Im very confused right now.

PNG is the only type of image allowed! To see what type your images are, leave your cursor on the top of that file, and some details will appear; and your image type!
Also, if the image is more than 1 MB, that means it’s too big for episode to approve! You need to resize the image. There are plenty online sites to do so!
Hope that helps!

Can you show me the the whole faulty coding? Perhaps I can help!

Refreshing the page…
Or logging out.