Missing curly bracket although I have one?

I don’t, but I think I may have found the issue. I was missing an & on a zoom.

@cynthia.episode I think I found the issue, I was missing an & on a zoom in that scene. I didn’t think that would cause the curly brackets to go haywire though.

you forgot the @ in here for zoom.

There’s a lot of errors in this particular point, you can’t type the animation with what way the character is facing (from what i know) the only time you should mention where the character is facing is when you spot direct them, so like @KOSMO spot % x y AND KOSMO faces right. I hope i made sense.

I don’t think you can command two characters in one go, try it like this:
&KOSMO spot 0.700 274 310 in zone 1 AND KOSMO faces right
&STORM spot 0.696 256 311 in zone 1 AND STORM faces right
&STORM is flirt_wink
You can’t add the animation with an AND command.

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No that does make sense, however I haven’t had the issue of those not working together. It’s usually how I spot direct them to different areas throughout the episode. But I will definitely see if that will help the script run smoother! Thanks for the help! I didn’t think one thing like an @ or & would cause the curly brackets to mess up. It usually points it out that it isn’t a valid command.

Thank you guys so much for the help It is appreciated!

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You can actually code the characters animations and where they face in a line of code without the coordinates.
You also can command two characters in one go, and add an animation with an AND command.
There’s no difference in either way.


Oh! If it worked for you then maybe i’m just not familiar with that technique!

It makes it way easier and more realistic lol. That’s why I do it that way. It works either way, but I prefer it that way to save lines lol. But I really do appreciate the help, I was so annoyed lol.

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My bad then ajhdjsh :sob:
I thought animations only worked in those 3 techniques:
@CHAR is animation
@CHAR starts animation
@CHAR walks to [spot] and CHARACTER does it while animation

It’s a longer process but it works that way as well.

I chose to do it like this so other characters can speak and move when it’s happening.

So a code like this might come in handy for you and save you some lines.

&CHARACTER1 walks to spot XYZ in 3
CHARACTER2 (talk_neutral)

This way they’re doing it at the same time.

And it’s alright, I didn’t take offense and neither should you! It’s honestly a learning process for everyone. But hopefully this has helped you as much as you’ve helped me lol

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Not sure why you think this, but the coding she has is correct. You can change the way a character faces at any time, not just when spot directing them.

You can combine as many commands as you want on a single line. You don’t have to separate the lines, so what she originally had is also correct


It turned out i was unfamiliar with that coding technique. :sob:
The more you know am i right sjahdja :pensive: :raised_hand:

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It’s alright. You were coming from a good place. Everyone has their techniques and i appreciate the help either way! Thank you for taking the time to help me with the curly bracket issue though! I really do appreciate it :blush:

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Also @Dara.Amarie, i believe ive used her templates also she has good ones and help on coding. If you were interested also!


Yesh i always use her templates!! :heartpulse: :revolving_hearts:


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