Missing letters

So I’m a semi fast typer and in word and stuff it’s fine but working in the portal when I type fast it misses letters out like this for example

Ok tha is wat hapens whn I try to tye
Sometimes it is that bad and other times it’s not too bad, at first I thought it might have been me but I know I’m not that bad at typing


idk type as fast as you like and when your done with the scene or episode go back and correct it, only you know what you wanted the word to be.

I didn’t know if it was just me as I can type fast in other programs such as word with no problem but always seem to miss letters in the portal, maybe it’s a speed thing?

Sometimes when I make my episode chapters it freezes for like a few seconds. Maybe that’s what it is.

Possibly :thinking:

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Episode is weird

You can try using other browsers like firefox! I heard it works much faster in them :))

that happens to me too! so now i have to type slower whenever I’m in the portal

it’s so annoying :joy: like I could have finished a lot sooner but I have to slow down ha ha ha

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I’m myself a very fast typer and that doesn’t happen to me at all. Maybe it’s just your computer or something? Or the internet connection might be laggy

I thought that but my computers is new so not a clue what’s going on :confused: