Missing new features?

My boyfriend just started using Episode and I just noticed that his app is different than mine?
Like for example:

(Also we can’t find each other’s profiles in the search bar. Is this another bug or…?)

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I’m not sure about finding each other being a bug a not, probably is but the difference in the app is very common. Some people have that episode feed thing and others don’t


Oh ok, so it’s probably a new feature that not everyone has yet. Got it!


Can support this: APP: Social Feed for EVERYONE


Where is the logic of giving Social Feed to newbies, but not to the ones who are here for long? Doh.


Same thing happened when my husband got the app earlier this year. He got the feed, but I still don’t have it.

Does your BF have the shelves? (Asian voices & That’s my jam) My husband has the feed but not those. :dizzy_face: He never gets any monthly or weekly featured shelves. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Hopefully it works out eventually that every user has every feature.


How can this be?

Nope, he doesn’t have the shelves :thinking:

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I Play episode since 2016 and i have it, maybe it’s something else?

Dunno. I started in 14 or 15, so maybe it got there around ur time :woman_shrugging:

Yep thats wierd i dont have any of those I dont have the feed nor the shelves

I wantz le feed