Missing people is there any chance to get them !?



there is a user here that post every error and it solution and everything helpful i had it save in my laptop today when i had a bug on coding i searched for her it showed me as an error when i went to her link where are the posts from 2014 and 2015 ?? we need them !


The old forums no longer exist.


why! it was very helpful !!
:triumph: :triumph: :triumph: :cry: :cry:


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@episode_youssef Hey there. If possible, could you please provide the link here? The old forums may have been removed, but sometimes, Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine may be helpful in these scenarios because it’s used to save snapshots of webpages, especially if they were visited frequently.

They’re not always saved, but some that are saved are accessible but with broken HTML, but the data is intact… it’s definitely worth a shot. I have used it to access the old forums to find lots of things. :slight_smile:

Anywho, if you post the link here, I could try to see if a copy of it was saved.


it’s really confusing thanks for leading me :kissing_heart:


@episode_youssef You’re in luck. Both of the links that you sent me were saved in their archives. It looks weird but the links work and the information is available again. :slight_smile:



If you have other links from the old forums, this website is a very useful tool to access the old forums in some form.

If you want more help and tutorials, the Creator’s Corner section is also very helpful!


OMG !! u r genuis thanks bud !