Missing story (fantasy/drama/romance)



Hi Guys!

My mobile broke a couple days ago and I didn’t have a back-up of my story progressions. So I am looking for a story wich I don’t remember the name en the writer. So maybe you could help me?

Genre: Fantasy/romance/drama
Story: It’s about a princess who is in a magic school. But the only classmate she has a prince. Because they are first-born of their family so they have to learn magic. But the princess and the prince fall in love together. For the final task before they go home to their kingdoms. They have to do a memory-loss spell. So they only know about the spells they have learned, but forget each other. With the pain in his hart, the prince does the memory-loss spel on the princess, so she wouldn’t be so hurt when she has to do it. When they arrive back in their kingdoms and see their family’s (which they didn’t see in 10 years or something) They have romances with other people. But eventually they have their memory’s back and end up together.

So I hope this a legit description of the story and one of you can tell me the title of the story or the writer. I’m also dutch so my English can be very bad, but I hope you will understand!


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