Missing story help

I was reading through a story I think called “oops I’m a pregnant virgin” were there is a company called baby daddy that artificial impregnated the main girl. But when I restored my app to my account I can’t find it now. And when I search for it nothing comes up. Help please. Preformatted text

How long ago did you read it? Is it possible that the story could have been removed?

Like yesterday morning

Uh, maybe it got removed?

Why do you say hopefully? It was a good story by episode.

It’s by the Episode Team?

I just did a search and found something called I’m a Pregnant Virgin?! by Courtcat?

Just looked it up and that wasn’t it. Dang it.

Yes it was. But I don’t know who the author was.

They could’ve changed the name?

Positively Princess?

Did you ever find the name of this story? I was about half way through reading it and now i can’t find it either ): an amazing story

This honestly sounds like a case of deletion. If two people are experiencing the same thing of missing the story, it probably got deleted. With a name like “pregnant virgin”, I don’t even want to know how many guidelines were most likely broken.

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I need HELP finding the name of a Story! it started with a girl at home while her parents were on vacation and later infusers broke into her house, and this guy saved her and brought the girl to his mansion. The guy was part of a gang and he was very cold but liked helping her. They guy was tryna get revenge on his dad, later on the girl found out that her parents was involved and she was upset because her parents left her without telling her. The girl also made many friends at the mansion, and was being protected but the guy. I also think they rode a motorcycle to someplace like a hotel? I don’t really remember much but I would really appreciate it if anyone knows the name! Please help! Thank you!

This sounds like a story that Miss MJ could have written…
Maybe you can check her profile on the Episode app to see if one of her stories look familiar?

I know what story it is.

It’s by Episode & still in Beta Testing. It has been in and out the app.

It should be permanently coming out later today.

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Or… it could be a featured story :rofl::upside_down_face:

Sadly, that’s the case.